For Buyers


With a complete understanding that home buying is more than just a transaction, Naushin helps her clients make smart decisions in a fast-paced real estate market. She offers astute evaluations utilizing her extensive market knowledge in order to help buyers achieve their objectives, as well as avoid the pitfalls common in real estate transactions.

As an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) specialist with extensive training and credentials to work effectively with buyers, Naushin has perfected strategies working within the parameters of each client’s needs. With in-depth understanding of the smart methods in property searches, the clients do not undergo the exhaustive task of seeing a multitude of properties over long periods. The home search process is less daunting and they are also ensured that their interests are protected throughout the transaction.

Whether it is the buyers’ first foray in buying real estate, or a seasoned real estate investor, Naushin is committed to understanding individual needs and providing an exceptional real estate experience.

Flawless service and a client focused approach has helped Naushin achieve a successful track record and earning the trust of the most discriminating buyers.



Through the process of the real estate transaction, services of specialists are needed. Working with a team of such professionals, Naushin ensures that all clients are connected with such specialists who answer & assist buyers through the process.

Mortgage Specialist: An experienced mortgage advisor will review the buyer’s finances, guide them on the best mortgage options and shop with different lenders to approve the buyer for the right mortgage, with the optimal terms and rates.

Home Inspector: Getting a home that clients are thinking of buying inspected by a home inspector, will give them the correct picture of the condition of the property. The inspection identifies that any structural and mechanical that need to be addressed and appropriate recommendations made.

Lawyer: Legal review is required when the agreement between the seller and buyer is signed. The lawyer will prepare documents and do their due diligence to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership to the purchasers is followed through.

Insurance Broker: The role of the insurance broker is to advise clients regarding the types of coverage that property buyers need in a purchase, and ensure that clients get the best rates possible.