Concierge Service

Through the process of the real estate transaction, services of specialists  are needed. Working with a team of such professionals, I will connect you with these members of my team who will answer your queries and assist you through the buying and selling process.


Mortgage Specialist: An experienced mortgage advisor will review your finances, guide you on your best mortgage options and shop with different lenders to approve you for the right mortgage, with the best terms and rates.

Home Inspector: Getting the home you are thinking of buying inspected by a home inspector will give you the correct picture of the condition of the property. The inspection covers assessment of the structure, and  mechanicals, issues that need to be addressed are identified and recommendations made.

Lawyer: Legal review is required when the agreement between the seller and buyer is signed. The lawyer will prepare documents and do due diligence to ensure that smooth transfer of ownership to the purchasers is followed through.

Insurance Broker: the role of the insurance broker is to advise you regarding types of coverage you need on your home and to ensure you get the best rates.

Moving coordinator: To ensure timely and a smooth move for the seller, the services of these professionals are invaluable.  They work dexterously under the direction of the sellers to ensure that their move is comfortable.

Stager: “Staging” is a way of merchandising your home to showcase its strengths and minimize its shortcomings. This is an art that takes years to cultivate.  I work closely with staging experts who specialize in highlighting the best features and add finishing touches to make a lasting impressions in the mind of prospective buyers.

Contractors: These time tested professionals will be introduced in situations where repairs need to be undertaken, when preparing a home for a listing or where tailor made changes are needed in a home purchase.